Digital Soil Survey Information Available on Compact Disk

The Pee Dee RC&D is developing fully self-contained compact disks with digital soils information suitable for the non Geographic Information System (GIS) user. The Pee Dee RC&D has developed a unique data format which allows for the viewing and printing of soil mapping data. Polygons of mapping units with soil symbols are overlaid onto 1999 aerial photography and then converted to Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf). The data is available in several files. A data set for the entire county is in one file which can be zoomed, from the entire county down to a view of one inch equaling six hundred feet of ground surface. Mapping at the latter scale is not recommended since the data was developed to be accurate at a scale of approximately one inch equaling approximately sixteen hundred to two thousand feet. Another file on the CD contains a zoomable index to locate your area of interest within the county. The CD contains a file with an interactive index of the county, which allows the selection of portions of the county to be printed on letter size paper at a scale of approximately one inch equaling 1667 feet. Also contained on the compact disk is a file containing the manuscript text data and soil interpretation data in table format. Each compact disk is self-contained, not requiring that any software be installed on your computer. The shareware, Adobe Acrobat Reader, is installed on each disk and automatically opens when the CD is placed into your computerís CD ROM. The disk when inserted opens to an interactive page with the same characteristics as an internet web page. The user may select the file of choice from this opening page. Furthermore, the files are interlinked with Acrobat bookmarks, which allow the user to move to and from the different files. The CDs are being made available to the Soil and Water Conservation Districts in each County and may be obtained for a small duplication fee by contacting the local SWCD office or the Pee Dee RC&D.

How Much Soil is There?:

How long does it take to form an inch of soil?:


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