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St. John's Elementary School Nature Center 
Pee Dee Regional Urban Forestry Awareness Project Funded 
The Pee Dee RC&D has assisted the Darlington Soil and Water Conservation District in obtaining an Urban and 
The Pee Dee RC&D has received a grant from the Urban and Community Forestry Program of the South 
Community Forestry Grant from the South Carolina Forestry Commission. This grant will be used to establish a 
Carolina Forestry Commission for a regional urban forestry awareness project. The Pee Dee Regional Urban & 
nature center at the St. John's School in Darlington.  St. John's was formerly the High School in Darlington but is 
Community Forestry Public Awareness Project will create public awareness of the Pee Dee Urban and
now used as the Elementary. During the New Deal era of the 1930's the Works Progress Administration 
Community Forestry Projects established during the past eleven years. This will be accomplished by placing 
constructed an amphitheater on the school campus. This amphitheater will be incorporated into the current Project. 
signage in project areas and along the trails identifying the existing and established native trees and explaining 
Also, there is an existing observation deck overlooking Swift Creek at the rear of the school campus. This deck is 
the environmental benefits of green space in an urban setting, riparian protection, urban carbon sequestration 
a part of a former foot bridge which connected the St. John's campus with the Brunson Dargan School Campus. 
with trees, etc. The native tree identification signs will include species information as well as traditional uses, 
etc.  These will be durable, weather proof  signs. This project will develop a public awareness/information 
Other components of this project include the establishment of a nature trail with tree identification signage, 
campaign including a regional website with links from existing websites of the Counties and Municipalities in 
planting an arboretum, construction of a pavilion, development of a website for the nature center, development of 
the Pee Dee region. This website will include area historical information, natural resource information 
a nature center curriculum, an Arbor Day celebration, and publishing an informational brochure. 
(including tree facts), a virtual tour of the various projects established during the past eleven years, with 
photos, event notification, etc. Also, a Pee Dee projects brochure with a map locating each project will be 
produced and published with distribution through the local libraries, town facilities, schools, county facilities, 
etc. This project is designed as an educational effort with a high priority placed on visibility. The citizens of 
the Pee Dee Region and students in the local school systems will be made aware of the environmental issues to 
which the Urban Forestry Program is dedicated, including: native tree identification, green space in an urban 
setting, riparian protection, urban carbon sequestration with trees, etc. The impact of this project will be to 
enhance awareness of the benefits of urban forestry by the citizens of the Pee Dee Area. The project is located 
within the Counties of Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Marion, and Marlboro. This area includes 
major thoroughfares to the Myrtle Beach Resort area. The development of the Pee Dee Regional Urban and 
Community Forestry Website with links to and from other Pee Dee related websites and submission to 
International Web Search Engines will introduce the program and its benefits to the citizens of the Pee Dee 
Digital Soil Survey Information Available on Compact Disk 
The Pee Dee RC&D is developing fully self contained compact disks with digital soils information suitable for 
St. John's School Amphitheater constructed by the Works 
Existing Observation Deck 
Swift Creek 
Progress Administration in the 1930's. 
the non Geographic Information System (GIS) user.  The Pee Dee RC&D has developed a unique data format 
which allows for the viewing and printing of soil mapping data.  Polygons of mapping units with soil symbols 
are overlaid onto 1999 aerial photography and then converted to Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf). The 
data is available in several files.  A data set for the entire county is in one file which can be zoomed, from the 
entire county down to a view of one inch equaling six hundred feet of ground surface. Mapping at the latter 
Current Efforts of the Pee Dee RC&D 
scale is not recommended since the data was developed to be accurate at a scale of approximately one inch 
  Soil Surveys on  Compact Disk   Digital soil surveys in an easily accessible user friendly format    Ongoing 
equaling approximately sixteen hundred to two thousand feet. Another file on the CD contains a zoomable 
  St. John's School Nature Trail (Darlington)   Urban Forestry Grant requesting funding for an outdoor classroom   Approved 
index to locate your area of interest within the county. The CD contains a file with an interactive index of the 
  Pee Dee Urban Forestry Awareness Project   Urban Forestry Grant request   Approved 
  McColl Elementary School Nature Center   Planning underway. 
county, which allows the selection of portions of the county to be printed on letter size paper at a scale of 
  POWER for Wildlife   Five FY 2002 Applications approved. 
approximately one inch equaling 1667 feet. Also contained on the compact disk is a file containing the 
  Rural Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks (Dillon)   Tanks being installed and fitted with hydrant heads. 
manuscript text data and soil interpretation data in table format. Each compact disk is self contained, not 
  Dry Fire Hydrants (Darlington)   Additional hydrants being installed in the Hartsville area. 
requiring that any software be installed on your computer. The shareware, Adobe Acrobat Reader, is installed 
  Thompson Creek TMDL Project (Chesterfield)   Collection and analysis of water samples and WS characterization continuing.    
on each disk and automatically opens when the CD is placed into your computer's CD ROM. The disk when 
  Trail and tree identification signs   Signs are being produced for projects across the state. 
  Pee Dee Geographic Information   Current Emphasis is on developing an comprehensive Water Quality Plan for the Pee Dee.. 
inserted opens to an interactive page with the same characteristics as an internet web page. The user may select 
  Cheraw Intermediate School     Assisting the Chesterfield County School District with development of an outdoor classroom. 
the file of choice from this opening page. Furthermore, the files are interlinked with Acrobat bookmarks, 
The Pee Dee Regional Trails Plan Implementation   The plan was recently presented to the public and is available on the internet at: 
which allow the user to move to and from the different files. The CDs are being made available to the Soil and
   (all spaces in the URL are underscores).
Water Conservation Districts in each County and may be obtained for a small duplication fee by contacting the 
local SWCD office or the Pee Dee RC&D. 
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